November 20, 2019

It Works!

One of the things we often hear from people who haven’t tried our natural deodorant is “I’ve heard natural deodorants don’t really work, they don’t last, they don’t help with sweat, they don’t make you feel confidently protected.” We started Sam’s knowing that we needed to shatter the misconceptions surrounding natural products and natural deodorant in particular. We needed to provide a healthy and safe alternative to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants with effectiveness as our number one priority, and that’s exactly what we did.

We know that our natural deodorant works. We know that every scent effectively combats odor and while not an antiperspirant, helps absorbs moisture from the start to finish of your hard workin’ day. How? Because we tirelessly tested our formula on ourselves, our friends, and our family, until we got it just right for you. Since 2011 when we first began selling our deodorant, thousands of customers have testified to the success of our hard work, giving us a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon!

We’re so proud to have proven that natural deodorants actually can work, just like we knew they could. But even with knowing how effective it is, sometimes we’re seriously shocked (and continuously thrilled) by the level of performance our DEO truly provides for our customers who put themselves through some pretty extreme conditions on the daily. Go ahead, see for yourself why they’re constantly telling us “it works!”

Tackling the Real World with Sam’s

Teejay works outside all day and has tried other natural deodorants, but, like we’ve heard so many times before, they all wore off fast. He ordered Sam’s and put it to the test throughout his work day and was beyond pleased with not only how well it worked all day long, but how non-problematic it was for his very sensitive skin!

Like Teejay, Jeremy works in a very hot and humid environment that makes him, in his words, “sweat immensely.” After he started applying Sam’s before work? Not a single trace of bad body odor the entire day.

Our customers don’t just rely on our DEO to keep them smelling fresh while on the job, either. Cy ran a half marathon (that’s 13.1 miles people!) with pits powered and protected by Sam’s and Emma applies our deodorant before biking and dancing in the “hot, sweaty heat of Texas!” Kate deems herself “an athletic yogi” and is so impressed that just one application gets her through a whole day of practicing yoga, hiking, running, swimming, and paddle boarding and loves the simple and natural ingredients we use. All three raved about how even through hard exercise and tough heat, they smelled great and felt no need to reapply.

What if your day is filled with exercise and manual outdoor labor or outdoor adventures? We’ve got success there too. Cole went for a 2-and-a-half mile run and then mowed his lawn, all in steamy 90-degree weather, and said he still smelled great at the end of the day without a shower. Chris went on “an extremely hot and humid” weekend camping trip and happily reported that our deodorant was long-lasting and passed the test!

A Natural Deodorant That’s Tried & True

You heard it here folks. Because of our hard workin’, incredibly active, and quite sweaty customers, we can without a doubt say that you can kiss the natural deodorant misconception goodbye. Our baking soda, coconut oil, and arrowroot powder-based formula is healthy, safe, and highly effective in even the most extreme of conditions. Why continue your search? Skip the hassle and just try Sam’s. It works.

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February 12, 2020

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant: What Should You Choose?

It’s safe to say that the majority of the world uses deodorants and antiperspirants to control under arm odor and perspiration. After all, no one wants to stink, right? But with this fact comes one big issue: the lack of understanding when it comes to the differing functions of deodorants and antiperspirants, and the use of these words interchangeably.

January 21, 2020

Do Men's Natural Deodorants Really Work?

January 10, 2020

Aluminum Free Deodorant | Natural Deodorant

Have you ever broken down the word antiperspirant? By definition, anti means ‘against’ and perspirant, or perspire, means ‘to give out sweat through the pores of the skin.’ This means that deodorant products labeled as antiperspirants are fighting against your body’s sweating process and, in fact, are quite literally blocking it from occurring.

Exactly how are these products stopping my sweat in its tracks, you may ask? One of the primary active ingredients in most commercial antiperspirants is aluminum, or more specifically, aluminum salts. These salts work to block the sweat ducts and reduce the amount of sweat that reaches the skin’s surface. Even though the sweat is blocked from leaving the pores, it still continues to be produced under the skin, which can potentially lead to blocked hair follicles and cysts through consistent use.