November 12, 2019

Maintaining a Man: How to Care for your Burly Beard

As men, we understand how much time and patience it takes to go from a little bit of scruff to a bold beard, and some of us have trouble even leaving the patchy stubble phase. Sure, it may be frustrating, the process is literally like watching hair grow (pun intended), but once you’ve finally grown out your preferred beard length, you feel like a whole new man.

When we look in the mirror and admire our hairy masterpiece, we feel proud of our facial hair and the hard work we put in to get it to where it is today. So, now, we deserve to have a little fun. Enter grooming and maintaining your sweet beard.

As if having a beard didn’t cause our confidence to skyrocket enough, having clean, well maintained, great smelling whiskers can make us feel unstoppable, untouchable… quite honestly, it can make us feel like the man. That’s why getting into a solid beard-maintenance routine is so key to owning your facial hair.

Maybe you’re wondering what exactly a beard-maintenance routine consists of? Like, what more could you possibly do than just wash the hair on your chin? Man to man, there’s a ton more you can do, but it’s all pretty simple. Luckily, we’ve got your back and want you to feel and look your best, so we’ll walk you through it.

Step 1: Shampoo & Condition

Just like you shampoo and (for longer haired men) condition your hair to keep it clean and healthy, you should be doing the same for your beard! Just think, throughout the day you definitely got some crumbs stuck in there while munching on that pizza you treated yourself to at lunch, so unless you want to leave them in there, a thorough wash in the morning is crucial. 

Shampooing your beard helps to remove those crumbs, and other gross impurities that build up as well, and also helps to keep the skin underneath your facial hair irritation-free. Following your shampoo with conditioner does just that, it conditions your beard hair and restores any lost moisture. If you use a facial cleanser, be sure to keep it off of your beard as much as possible as it can dry out the hair (and then you just took a step back from step one, which isn’t a great way to start the day).

Step 2: Apply Beard Oil

While cleaning your beard is extremely important, the act of doing so, combined with just living your day-to-day bearded life, can lead to a fragile, not-so-hot beard. Do you want a rough, course looking beard? We didn’t think so.

The best beards are smooth, shiny, and well-kept, and beard oil is a huge part of creating that head-turning facial hair. A bonus? We have it in nineteen incredible scents, so you can suit your mood, the occasion, or your significant other’s preferred smell (because we know that’s usually the most important). 

Regardless of scent, beard oil replenishes the natural oils that your skin and hair are dying for and moisturizes to prevent dryness, flaking and itching. To apply, simply work the oil into your beard using your fingertips and maybe give your chin and jaw a little massage while you’re at it, because, well, you just deserve it.

Step 3 (Circumstantial): Apply Beard Balm

Still struggling with a dry beard even after using beard oil? Or can’t seem to get your flyaway stray hairs under control? It’s all good, you still look great, your beard just might need a little extra TLC.

Using our bay essential oil beard balm, in combination with your beard oil scent of choice, is a fool-proof way to tackle these issues head on and get that ideal beard. Just like with the oil, all you have to do is put a small amount onto your fingers, rub them together, and massage it into your hair and skin, shaping and styling your beard as you see fit. 

Step 4: Brush Your Beard

Ah, the final step to obtaining a bold and burly beard: brushing. Always brush your beard at the end of your maintenance routine. Why? It helps to distribute beard oil and beard balm evenly throughout your facial hair and also helps to stimulate natural oil production (aka what you need for a healthy beard!). 

Now before you go and use that hairbrush you just picked up, please set it back down. Brush your beard with a brush that is specifically designed for beards. This is the best way to effectively comb through any tangles in your hair and move the oil and balm around.

Once you’re done, take a look in the mirror. Are you ready to take on the day and feeling calm, cool, confident, and devilishly handsome? The answer should be absolutely yes, because you’re the man and you’ve done what it takes to maintain that status.

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February 04, 2020

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Are you in the market for a quality beard oil, curious about what it can do for your facial hair, and searching for that magic, life-changing product that will make your beard hair grow faster? Good news! We’ve got a fantastic beard oil that can do a lot for you, though, we’re sorry, it can’t make your hair grow faster. In fact, there’s really nothing you can do that will cause your facial hair to grow faster than it currently is.

Regardless of how fast your hair grows, your beard will always be in need of some TLC in order to look and feel its best, and this is where the use of beard oil comes in to play. Once you begin your daily beard oil application routine, it’s sure to become your trusty confidence-boosting sidekick. But what exactly does beard oil do and how can it help to improve the condition of your beard?

January 10, 2020

Aluminum Free Deodorant | Natural Deodorant

Have you ever broken down the word antiperspirant? By definition, anti means ‘against’ and perspirant, or perspire, means ‘to give out sweat through the pores of the skin.’ This means that deodorant products labeled as antiperspirants are fighting against your body’s sweating process and, in fact, are quite literally blocking it from occurring.

Exactly how are these products stopping my sweat in its tracks, you may ask? One of the primary active ingredients in most commercial antiperspirants is aluminum, or more specifically, aluminum salts. These salts work to block the sweat ducts and reduce the amount of sweat that reaches the skin’s surface. Even though the sweat is blocked from leaving the pores, it still continues to be produced under the skin, which can potentially lead to blocked hair follicles and cysts through consistent use.

December 05, 2019

Deodorant Stains: Prevention & Removing

Stains. We’ve all been there, done that. We’ve all dribbled a sip of our morning coffee down the front of our dress shirts, dropped a French fry drenched in ketchup on our laps, and yellowed the pits of our light-colored shirts from a combination of deodorant and sweating throughout the day. While the former two scenarios are simply unfortunate accidents that might result in having to go new clothes shopping, deodorant stains are generally avoidable and should never have to be on your list of things to worry about. In fact, the majority of our customers never even encounter the issue, but it never hurts to practice prevention too!

So, what tricks can you keep up your sleeve to make sure your favorite shirt never suffers from those dreaded pit paintings?