September 26, 2019

Environmental Good is a Good Thing | Sam's Natural“Doing good” used to be a concept relegated to nonprofits and volunteers. Companies were proudly in the business of making money. In the 1980s movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko summed it up this way, “Greed for lack of a better word, is good.”

But nothing exists in a vacuum. If the last few decades have taught us anything, it is that we live in an interconnected and interdependent world. Making money can’t be the only focus. We have to think about how we go about it, especially when it comes to the planet we all share.

The reality is that to exist and produce, companies do consume resources. As consumers have gotten smarter and more environmentally aware, they recognize how a company sources and uses those resources will either have a positive or negative impact on our planet’s health and longevity. In order for man and nature to coexist and thrive, sustainable practices are no longer a “nice to have.” They’re a must.

Fortunately, today’s consumers know simply having a profit motive cannot be enough and are demanding more responsibility from the companies they do business with. Here are some numbers to back that up. In a recent survey of consumers in the USA and UK, 96% believed their own sustainable actions (donating, recycling, ethical buying i.e.) could make a positive difference. Asked if they would like the brands they supported to be environmentally friendly and ethical, 88% said “yes.”

Fortunately, sustainable business practices are not only good for the environment they’re good for business. Sustainable companies worldwide are setting the standard for not only green practices but governance, and profitability. Smart consumers are driving that train. When it comes to the U.S., a recent NYU study revealed 50% of the growth in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market over five years (2013-2018) came from sustainability-marketed products. Where savvy consumers go, so go investors, so there’s some good news for Mother Earth.

So, confession time. Here at Sam’s, we really didn’t crunch the numbers or analyze the research to decide whether we should be a sustainable company when we started out. We knew that’s what we wanted to be. For us it’s pretty simple. We’ve always supported transparency and trust by sourcing responsibly and making Certified Vegan, Cruelty Free products that are 100% biodegradable and in recyclable packaging. We know our products are good for the environment and good for the great customers we serve. Oh, and we have the privilege of making those products in a beautiful New Hampshire community with a terrific team of people. It’s not only in our mission statement, it’s who we are. It’s just nice to know we’re not alone.

Keep the good sustainability vibes going – here’s how to recycle your Sam’s DEO:

Your Sam’s DEO comes in a cardboard box with each DEO in a resealable bag (for product freshness) accompanied by a small paper informational piece. Simply flatten the outer cardboard box and remove the cap from your DEO. The DEO tube (#7), cardboard box, and information leaflet are all single-stream recyclable (refer to your recycler provider’s guidelines for specific instructions).

The resealable plastic bag can be recycled with your grocery bags and other plastic bags, but before you do that, consider simply reusing it to carry toiletries when you travel (it’s well within FAA guidelines) or other home uses. (Most grocery stores offer recycling bins specifically for plastic bags. For more info on plastic bag and wrap recycling, check out this website.)


October 10, 2019

There’s Chemistry Behind Attraction

What’s up with Marc? His stories are legendary, and he gets everyone laughing. He picks up a guitar and pulls it off like he’s Ed Sheeran’s better-looking brother. Marc not only shoots a game of pool like a pro, he volunteers at an animal shelter and dominates in pick-up basketball. The dude just loves life, and he smells good – like, really good. It’s not that in-your-face, try-too-hard cologne smell some guys reek of, but you could swear he just naturally smells like aged leather and cedar. Damn.

September 12, 2019

Your body is already a “clean” machine.

You’d think your sweat was a bad thing. What’s up with all those ads for products that promise a powder-puff future of sweat-free living? Walk into any drugstore, and you see antiperspirants lined up like soldiers ready to go to battle to save us from our own moisture. Personally, I like working up a little perspiration – it’s the sign of a hard day’s work or a great workout.

August 22, 2019

Are you confused with all the terms marketers are bombarding you with these days on product labels? So are we.  So many labels boast this or that-free, but don’t tell you what’s actually in it. It pays to do your homework. We’re all about truth and transparency, so here’s what we know. It really is pretty simple.