October 10, 2019

There's Chemistry Behind Attraction | Sam's NaturalThere’s Chemistry Behind Attraction

What’s up with Marc? His stories are legendary, and he gets everyone laughing. He picks up a guitar and pulls it off like he’s Ed Sheeran’s better-looking brother. Marc not only shoots a game of pool like a pro, he volunteers at an animal shelter and dominates in pick-up basketball. The dude just loves life, and he smells good – like, really good. It’s not that in-your-face, try-too-hard cologne smell some guys reek of, but you could swear he just naturally smells like aged leather and cedar. Damn.

Don’t we all want a little more of what Marc’s got? When it comes to what attracts women, mantelligence backs me up. According to their (highly scientific) research, women rate men with confidence, passion and ambition, ability to listen, kindness, and (not least) a sense of style much higher on the attractiveness scale.

So, what can us average guys do? Here are some “Marc” qualities we can channel guaranteed to give us all a little of what he has:

He knows himself. Marc just doesn’t care about what other people think. He’s secure in his own skin. He picks up on what’s happening and follows his own instincts.

He connects. Marc isn’t all about Marc. He loves life, and he loves people. You’ve seen how he leans in and makes eye contact with everyone he talks to. You would think he’s hanging on every word. Who wouldn’t want to be around someone like that?

He takes care of himself. The guy knows how to put his best foot forward. Marc may not be the next magazine cover model, but he owns his look. His hair and beard look great. He wears his clothes well. Even the way he smells is part of his own style. Let’s get real. We could all take a little more time and care with our own look and grooming. Whether our look is high-style, sporty, classic, or our go-to is jeans and a t-shirt, a little effort goes a long way.

Speaking of smell, check out this Huffpost article that reveals (no surprise here) scent plays a big part in the attractiveness equation. Just what scent is a matter of personal preference, but we humans do have some favorites. Romper.com shares some clear human favorites including vanilla, orange fruits, and woodsy scents including vetiver (from the grassy vetiver plant). So, if you don’t want to douse yourself in cologne, how can you channel some smell-good mojo? One way is to pick the right deodorant. Picking up an effective and good-smelling natural deodorant takes care of the stinky while putting you up a few rungs on the attraction ladder.

Why not check out Sam’s natural formulations? If I do say so myself, they are the best-smelling deodorants out there. With sixteen options featuring natural ingredients such as vanilla, mandarin, vetiver, mahogany, sandalwood, and tobacco, you’re sure to find something you and the room will love. (We understand Marc is a fan of our Leather Natural Deodorant.) And, it’s cheaper than guitar lessons.

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February 12, 2020

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant: What Should You Choose?

It’s safe to say that the majority of the world uses deodorants and antiperspirants to control under arm odor and perspiration. After all, no one wants to stink, right? But with this fact comes one big issue: the lack of understanding when it comes to the differing functions of deodorants and antiperspirants, and the use of these words interchangeably.

January 21, 2020

Do Men's Natural Deodorants Really Work?

January 10, 2020

Aluminum Free Deodorant | Natural Deodorant

Have you ever broken down the word antiperspirant? By definition, anti means ‘against’ and perspirant, or perspire, means ‘to give out sweat through the pores of the skin.’ This means that deodorant products labeled as antiperspirants are fighting against your body’s sweating process and, in fact, are quite literally blocking it from occurring.

Exactly how are these products stopping my sweat in its tracks, you may ask? One of the primary active ingredients in most commercial antiperspirants is aluminum, or more specifically, aluminum salts. These salts work to block the sweat ducts and reduce the amount of sweat that reaches the skin’s surface. Even though the sweat is blocked from leaving the pores, it still continues to be produced under the skin, which can potentially lead to blocked hair follicles and cysts through consistent use.